Before a residential mover in Gainesville can give customers an estimate for their relocation, they need to carry out what’s known as an on-site or visual moving assessment. These assessments can be done in-person, or via a video call.

If you are going through the process of planning your household move, you may be wondering just why these visual assessments are so important. It has to do with how the moving estimate is created.

How Movers Create a Moving Estimate

The process of a visual move assessment follows a common standard. Usually, the estimator will arrive at the customer’s home and create a general inventory of everything that needs to be moved, including vehicles and lawn care equipment.

During the assessment, the estimator will also chat with the customer to determine their moving requirements, such as full-service packing or off-site storage. An on-site visit also allows the estimator to get a look at the house or apartment and parking. Potential challenges, like limited parking and tight stairwells, can be noted to give to the movers later on.

However, there are different ways that this information is used to calculate the final moving estimate depending on the type of relocation:

  • Local Moves: Your local Florida mover will use the visual estimate to get an idea of how many hours the job will take and how many people are needed for it. The manhours and number of movers are multiplied by a standard rate to get the estimate. Estimated fuel expenses for the truck are added to the quote.
  • Long-Distance Moves: Your Gainesville long-distance movers will use the inventory to figure out the weight of your entire shipment of belongings. The estimated weight is multiplied by a carrier’s tariff rate to get the final quote.

Additional Moving Services

Your Gainesville mover may also offer additional services to make your relocation more convenient. These can include:

  • Packing/Unpacking
  • Fragile Handling
  • Storage
  • Debris Clean Up
  • Electronics/Appliance Assembly
  • Custom-Crating
  • DIY Packing Supplies

If you choose to add services to your move, it will also increase your moving quote. The rates or prices charged for these items vary among moving companies.

Getting a Binding VS. Non-Binding Estimate

Be aware that moving companies also offer different types of move estimates to customers. It’s important to ask your mover whether an estimate is ‘binding’ or not. If not, the mover may end up adding fees onto the moving quote when an unexpected cost arises, such as the need for temporary storage of your belongings during a long-distance move.

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