When you are moving your household a long-distance, it is easy to forget about moving your garage. Since your garage is likely a catch all for all sorts of tools and supplies, we at A-Turner Moving and Storage are here to help provide you expert tips for moving a garage successfully. With over 250 years of moving experience, we know how to successfully move your garage items with little to no hassle. Feel free to call us if you have any specific questions about moving your garage items. 

Tips for Unwanted Items

We know that a garage can become a home to many unwanted items during the years you live there. It is best to go through your garage and first remove these items. You can drop off any unwanted household items at local charities, or if you have time try to sell them online. If no one wants your items you can try putting them on the curb the day before garbage pickup to see if a neighbor or local scraper will take them. 

Tips for Grills

When you are looking to move a long distance and take a grill, you will want to make sure it is protected. We suggest you use moving pads and straps to provide protection to the outside of your grill. It is also best to secure the grates on the inside of the grill to protect the inside. Make sure to dispose of any charcoal briquettes and propane before moving. DO NOT MOVE PROPANE IT IS DANGEROUS! Often your local propane providers will buy your tank back from you.

Tips for Paints and Flammable Liquids

These items are not the best to move, they are either dangerous or hard to secure. Make sure to check with your local government office to see where the best place to dispose of hazardous liquids is located. You do not want to move flammable items.

Tips for Tools

If you have a tool chest it will make your household move a little bit easier. Make sure to secure all of the drawers and wheels with all of the tools in the chest before moving the moving truck. Any specialty wood or metal working tools should be carefully crated. At A-Turner Moving and Storage we can help you with this, call us today! 

Tips for Lawncare & Landscaping Items

Lawncare & landscaping tools are hit or miss with moving. If you no longer need them at your new residence there is no point in moving them a long-distance. The owners of your new home may appreciate, these items, or asking a neighbor can help get rid of these items quickly. However, if you do need these items at your new home they are designed for rough treatment and should not require special packing. It is important to empty out any fuel storage containers before loading items on the truck.

Automobile Tips

If you do not plan on driving your automobile to your new location you will need a trailer. Professional moving companies do have trailers to support vintage or hobby vehicles. We would love to help; however we always suggest you consider getting additional reimbursement coverage to cover any accidental damage during transport. This is a great tip for moving a vehicle yourself as well. 

Motorcycle Tips

If we have learned anything about motorcycles over the years, it is that they are heavy and easy to tip over. Special care should be taken with this type of vehicle. A-Turner Moving and Storage provides specialized crating and tie-down straps to guarantee a safe and proper transport. You can also purchase special crates on the internet. However, we would suggest you get professional helpers, call A-Turner Moving and Storage for a free long-distance moving estimate.